"I've been singing for as long as I can remember"


The true sound of R&B/Soul fusion has arrived, and taken root in Douglas Carpenter Jr., professionally known as Doug C Jr. Since his start as a solo artist in 2015, Doug C Jr. has only asked one thing of anyone he encounters, and that is to “Lend Me Your Ear.” In doing so and succeeding in attaining that ear, he has quickly gained the attention of many locally and internationally with his soulful tone, theory defying range, and smooth delivery that the ladies love. Doug C Jr. has found a way to sonically fuse his authentic soulful vibes with a little R&B, trap, and some acoustic funk to cultivate his sound. Simply put, not a trend chasing artist, Doug C Jr. is a regular laid back dude just doing what he loves. With the drive, determination and push, it is no doubt that he soon will be your new favorite musical sensation.

Growing up in the city of Philadelphia, one’s love for music is nearly inevitable. That too would be the case for Doug C Jr. However, it wasn’t just his birthplace that lured him into music, it was bible study on Wednesdays, church meetings on Thursdays, choir rehearsals on Saturdays, and church on Sundays that took root and fueled his love for music. As the “preacher’s kid,” church was not an option and you had to quickly find your role in the “family business.” Singing and playing the keys became Doug’s role. While church and gospel music are huge components of Doug’s musical genealogy and responsible for his love, it was undoubtedly the early influences of Stevie Wonder, Sly and The Family Stone, and Michael Jackson provided by his parents that helped shape him as an artist. That sound, likened to that of PJ Morton's soul and Pharrell's creativity and unwillingness to conform, Doug C Jr.'s voice has traveled from the states to Paris on several occasions. He is a lover of art, architecture, sculptures, nature, food, sports, and random "snapple facts." These characteristics find a way to illuminate through the music; heard through drastic vibe changes, no limitations as it relates to sound experimentation, and always having a "feel good" effect. With recent releases such as "This, Babe" (2017) and "Mean" (2018), Doug C Jr. is making his mark in today's class of new and emerging artists and has plenty of music sure to find its way to your favorite playlist across every platform.